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Surround Sound : Super Bowl XLII Broadcasts Globally in Neural-THX Surround
altFirst Time International Television Audiences will Experience the Super Bowl in 5.1 Surround Sound

Neural Audio Corp., THX Ltd. and the NFL have teamed to deliver the HD international broadcast of Super Bowl XLII in Neural-THX Surround. The Neural-THX Surround technology will enable international TV viewers to experience the game in 5.1 surround sound for the first time ever.
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Equipment : Ace Bayou Unveils Wireless Audio Recliner for Full Home Theater Immersion
altAce Bayou, the leading designer and manufacturer of sound furniture, today unveiled its Wireless Audio Recliner at the Las Vegas Market, the latest addition to its Xfunctional platform of media furniture. With a high-quality sound system and innovative design to maximize comfort, the Wireless Audio Recliner optimizes the home theater experience by providing users with a superior level of media immersion. The company will also be showcasing its new X Rocker Pro-Series and X Rocker 4.1 ultimate gaming chairs, which recently debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show.
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Music : King Crimson in Surround?!
altAs reported by Ken Richardson from Sound&Vision Magazine, King Crimson's catalogue can be reissued with surround sound, mixed by... Steven Wilson from Porcupine Tree.

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Equipment : Denon announced new top HD pre-processor/power amp pair
altThe Latest HD Audio and Video Support New lossless audio formats Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoders. New advanced audio formats Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio decoders 1080p, Deep Color 30/36 bits color depth and xvYCC broader color space support. HDMI1.3a inputs/outputs allow handling HD audio and video signal with higher speed.

State-of-the-art Denon Solutions for Maximizing Content Quality Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit, D.D.S.C.-HD Discrete Devices for ultimate performance in each block Three New 32bit floating point DSP Master clock design for more accurate processing and less jitter noise. -Advanced AL24 processing provides more dynamic range and improves low level sound details.

Compressed Audio Restorer Denon's new audio technology for MP3/WMA/AAC compressed format to reproduce higher frequency range and deeper bass sound. This new audio technology provides better sound for iPod, USB player and network streaming audio.

Latest version Mult EQ XT New tower type microphone for more accurate measuring Maximum eight points measurements New filtering ALFC (Adaptive Low Frequency Correction) for higher resolution processing in low frequency band.

HD Video Circuit High quality I/P scaling & Motion Adaptive Noise Reduction Discrete devices for ultimate HD video performance in each block -REALTA/HQV Processing up to 1080p Denon Picture Image Correction (DPIC) circuitry 12bit/216MHz video encoder and decoder with NSV Analog to HDMI up conversion and HDMI to HDMI up conversion

New Chassis Construction for clear audio and video signal Minimum signal path Direct Mechanical Ground for stable drive Separate unit design

Digital Media Connectivity Network Playback music file from PC or DLNA server AAC, WMA, MP3, FLAC, WAV file support Playback over 7000 internet radio stations JPEG Photo slide show Wired network or Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b and g WEB system control via network

IPod audio, photo and video playback (optional ASD product family) Mass storage support USB for audio and photo playback Dual HDMI output simultaneously Dual component outputs

Ease-of-Use New Graphical User Interface Newly developed user interface for easy operation, setup and digital media browsing. -Album art support for iPod/Network/USB Meta data (title, artist, album) for iPod/Network/USB Multi language support Available for 1080p HDMI signal Zone 2 OSD with text/album art is also available Multi-lingual support for GUI Auto set-up and Room EQ, featuring MuItEQ XT from Audyssey Includes dedicated remote control unit for all zones Auto Lip Sync (HDMI 1.3a) New back panel layout

Multi Zone Capability Four Zone multi source capabilities Digital to analog conversion for multi zone output Zone2 OSD Independent zone component output Remote in/out RS-232C control Web control
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Equipment : JVC features new 5.1 HTiB range
alt Top model includes wireless rear speakers, iPod connection and 1080p up-conversion through HDMI.

JVC introduced new home entertainment systems that offer a high-performance home theater experience, enhanced connectivity and compatibility with a wide range of digital formats.

The three new systems, the TH-G30, TH-G40 and TH-G50, are 1000-watt, 5.1-channel systems comprised of a progressive scan DVD receiver, five speakers and a subwoofer. The new systems also include a high-quality HDMI output with 1080p video up-conversion for connectivity with the latest HD televisions to enhance picture quality and sound. In addition, two of the three new systems offer iPod connectivity.

Addressing a common complaint among consumers trying to integrate a home theater system into a room, JVCs new top model, the TH-G50, features wireless rear speakers, simplifying set-up and eliminating the need to run wires across the room. Both the TH-G50 and TH-G40 offer Made for iPod compliance, with a provided docking station that allows the user to control play, pause and skip functions and routes video from an iPod (5G models only) through the system and to a connected display. Whats more, the iPod charges while connected.

All three systems are designed to complement the latest generation of sleekly styled flat panel TVs. The glossy black low-profile receiver has illuminated function keys, while the speakers are likewise slim designs. As for playback options, JVCs home entertainment systems easily accommodate both the old and the new, combining DVD/CD and FM playback with the ability to handle digital audio and video files from a wide variety of sources.

Model Available National Ad Value
TH-G50 June 2008 $400
TH-G40 April 2008 $280
TH-G30 April 2008 $250
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Equipment : JVC HT-F3: New four-piece, 4.1-channel system features front surround
altA new JVC home theater system announced today offers simple set-up, high performance and connectivity options that allow it to accommodate the full range of digital home entertainment devices, all wrapped in an elegant, hi-fi component-style design.

JVCs new TH-F3 home theater system is a four-piece, 4.1-channel system featuring a DVD receiver with HDMI output with 1080p up-conversion, USB Host, an iPod docking station and DivX playback. To deliver on its simplicity promise, the TH-F3 features JVCs front surround technology combined with a new speaker design, eliminating the need for rear speakers and the placement problems they often create. Further simplifying setup, there are only three speaker wires to connect. The new system is designed to complement the latest generation of flat panel TVs, with a sleek, black-on-black main unit and small, cylindrical, wall-mountable main speakers.

At the heart of JVCs new TH-F3 home theater system is a compact DVD receiver with a two-tone flat/glossy black cabinet and a large, prominent aluminum volume knob. Features include USB Host, allowing easy connection and playback of music, movie and picture files from external USB mass storage devices, including flash audio players, card readers, USB memory drives and digital still cameras. Supported file formats include MP3, WMA, JPEG, MPEG-4 ASF and DivX Ultra, the latest version of the popular video compression technology. Files of every supported format can be played back through a device connected via USB Host or from a CD/DVD. An included iPod dock allows easy playback of music files and offers iPod control and charging.

As for connections, the system offers HDMI CEC (consumer electronics control), allowing products to communicate with one another, component output, composite output, optical audio input, and an analog audio input.

Central to the TH-F3s performance is the speaker system. The 4.1-channel system employs five amplifiers in the main unit main left, main right, surround left, surround right, and subwoofer. The two main speakers each contain two separate drivers the bottom driver handles the main channel, while the top driver handles the surround information. The speakers use a newly-developed diaphragm that provides a broader soundfield than a conventional diaphragm. To reduce resonance, the cabinet is made from high-density material with wood reinforcement. This speaker technology combines with JVCs Front Surround circuitry to deliver a compelling surround sound experience without the need for rear speakers. In addition, new JVC Clear Voice Function circuitry enhances the dialog to ensure that its clearly heard. Also included is a 6.5-inch subwoofer.

The TH-F3 breaks new ground in speaker set-up simplicity. There are just three wires to connect, and connecting them is a five-step process compared to the six wires and 24 steps required when connecting a conventional home-theater-in-a-box speaker system. Cables are hard-wired to each speaker, eliminating connections on that end, while a plug on the other end simplifies connection to the main unit.

Availability and pricing for JVCs TH-F3 home theater system:
Model Available National Ad Value
TH-F3 May 2008 $500.00
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Music : Yazoo In Your Room 5.1
altYazoo (Vince Clarke & Alison Moyet) have announced that they will reunite for the first time in over 25 years for Reconnected, a UK tour in June, starting in Glasgow on the 4th and culminating in a headline show at London's Hammersmith Apollo on the 18th.

The tour is preceded by In Your Room, a 4 disc box set which includes:

  • Remasters and 5.1 mixes of both Yazoo's classic albums Upstairs At Eric's and You And Me Both
  • B-sides and remixes
  • DVD featuring a new short film containing exclusive new interviews with Vince Clarke and Alison Moyet and the promo videos for Don't Go, The Other Side Of Love, Nobody's Diary, Situation (1990) and Only You (1999)
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Equipment : B&W Liberty - 5.1 Wireless HTiB
altThe Liberty Home Theater in a Box is a new integrated 5.1 system featuring wireless, cable-free speakers. The Liberty range comprises four speaker models and one combined digital radio and disc player with a wireless transmitter. The four speakers are the three-way, floor standing XTW 8, the two-way XTW 2 and XTW Centre bookshelf/stand speakers, and the PVW 1 subwoofer. A fully active system powered by integrated class-D amplifiers, Liberty is the first wireless system capable of transmitting eight channels: it can be set up in a 5.1 configuration for full surround sound, with two extra channels reserved for remote zones.

While the range offers listeners all the convenience of a clutter-free, cable-less sound system, it has also been constructed with the uncompromising approach to quality and design for which Bowers & Wilkins is famous. Based on the companys highly regarded XT range, Liberty speakers are designed around single pieces of extruded, brushed aluminum and incorporate groundbreaking Bowers & Wilkins innovations found in the companys most advanced speakers, such as Kevlar drive units and Nautilus tube-loaded tweeters. Liberty has also added a few refinements and improvements to the XT range: for example, the XTW 8 model incorporates a mid-range drive unit fitted with Bowers & Wilkins trade-marked fixed suspension transducer (FST), which gives even greater responsiveness, sound clarity and definition.

Liberty is expected to launch in fall 2008. Price is 15 000$.

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Music : 3 'Live from Montreux' Titles Released on Blu-ray
altPlaying catch-up with three titles previously released on HD DVD-only, Eagle Rock has announced a February Blu-ray arrival for three concert films featuring rock legends Deep Purple, Carlos Santana and Yes.

The three titles are set hit Blu-ray on February 19: 'Deep Purple: They All Came Down to Montreux 2006,' 'Santana: Hymns for Peace - Live at Montreux 2004' and 'Yes: Live at Montreux 2003.'

Supplements remain consistent with the HD DVD versions, with the 'Deep Purple' and 'Hymns for Peace' discs both containing bonus performances and artist interviews ('Yes' is the lone bare-bones title of the bunch).

Tech specs for the Blu-rays were not yet available at press time, it's expected that they will mirror the HD DVD editions as well, with 1080p video and DTS-HD 5.1 and PCM 2.0 stereo audio options.

Retail for the Blu-ray versions are also comparable to the HD DVD, with a suggested list price of $24.95 each.

You'll find disc details for all three titles linked from our Blu-ray Release Schedule, where they're indexed under February 19.

We've also set up a dedicated thread for the Montreux trio in our Forums area -- click the following link to discuss the Deep Purple/Santana/Yes Blu-ray releases.
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Music : Bass Communion's "Pacific Codex" DVD-Audio
altMuch delayed release of Bass Communion's "Pacific Codex" box set will be released on DVD-Audio.

Deluxe CD and 5.1 surround sound DVD-A set housed in a heavy slipcase/box containing gatefold sleeve and perfect bound book with insert card.

CD : Pacific Codex - stereo mix (40.21)
DVDA : Pacific Codex - 5.1 surround sound mix (40.21)

The seventh Bass Communion album. Recorded 2006. All sounds generated from recordings of Steve Hubback's metal scupltures, played by SW and Theo Travis.

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