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Multichannel Music News
Equipment : New Sony 1080p Audio/Video Receivers
Providing a simplified approach to high-definition domestic theater management, Sony nowadays unveiled a line of four A/V receivers offering high-definition performance, easy set-up and control through a rare icon-driven menu system.

Each of the new models simplify domestic theater operation by serving as a central hub for audio and HD video domestic theater components, converging all sources to one HDMI™ output from the receiver to the display.


Designed for optimal high-definition domestic theater performance, the models include such features as 1080/24p True Cinema video pass-through, advanced audio codec support, and upscaling of all standard definition video sources to 1080p via HDMI when connected to a 1080p-capable HDTV set.

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Equipment : Sony launches Bravia DAV-DZ home theatre systems

Sony has announced its new range of DAV-DZ BRAVIA Theatre systems, each unsurprisingly styled to match the look and feel of the latest Bravia TVs.

To increase the appeal of a Sony-branded home cinema set-up, the new systems use Bravia Sync, an enhanced version of BRAVIA Theatre Sync, to give greater control of the overall system using a single remote control.

In addition, by using Sony's digital media port, the DAV-DZ systems can also connect your portable and wireless music devices such as mobile phones, Walkman and other MP3 players, Bluetooth devices and home Wi-Fi networks.

Sony's Digital Cinema Auto-Calibration claims to ensure a fast, simple and automatic multi channel surround sound set up: using a microphone supplied, DCAC measures the position of the speakers and listeners within your room, then sets up the system to give the very best sound wherever you it.
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Music : Black Sabbath - The Dio Years reissued on MVI
This first-ever Black Sabbath compilation spotlighting the legendary band's Ronnie James Dio-fronted era just got a whole lot heavier with its release as an enhanced Music Video Interactive (MVI) Disc. Spanning 1980-2006, the sixteen thundering tracks that appeared on the original CD release of this collection (which is included as a bonus disc) are now also presented in DTS 5.1, Dolby Digital and Advanced Resolution PCM Stereo mixes. Videos and other interactive bonus content make BLACK SABBATH - THE DIO YEARS (MVI) an experience that truly rules.

MVI is an innovative DVD-based music format that, in addition to offering all the benefits of an audio disc, delivers leading-edge video and interactive extras, plus a one-click capability to save digital music files onto a hard drive. Choice video content on BLACK SABBATH - THE DIO YEARS (MVI) includes footage of live performances of “Neon Nights” and “Die Young” from 1980 and a promo clip for 1992's “TV Crimes.” The MVI Disc also features the URTone ringtone application and ringtones for “Heaven And Hell” and “The Mob Rules,” plus a photo gallery, buddy icons, wallpapers, weblinks/ROM and a complete booklet PDF.


When Ronnie James Dio took over lead vocals for Black Sabbath in 1979 after Ozzy Osbourne's departure, he'd already won fans worldwide as front man for Elf and Rainbow. The creative spark ignited by Dio's arrival - joining original Sabbath members Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler and Vinny Appice - delivered the 1980 metal masterpiece Heaven And Hell. A Top 40 album considered one of group's finest, its title became the name of the reunited Dio-fronted Sabbath that toured internationally to sold out crowds throughout 2006. 1981's The Mob Rules followed, continuing Sabbath's resurgence before Dio left for solo superstardom.

A decade later, Dio's one-off return to Sabbath, 1992's Dehumanizer, whetted fans' appetite for more, something not realized until THE DIO YEARS, featuring the best of Black Sabbath's past Dio incarnations, plus three tracks recorded in '06: "The Devil Cried," "Shadow Of The Wind," and "Ear In The Wall." Vintage classics include "Neon Nights," "Lady Evil," "Children Of The Sea," "The Mob Rules” and “Heaven And Hell.”
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Music : Chicago - Heart Of Chicago reissued on MVI
Rhino's upgrade of the HEART OF CHICAGO as a Music Video Interactive (MVI) disc makes this decades-spanning retrospective an even harder habit to break. Originally released in 1997 as a 15-track survey of hits and fan favorites from the band's first thirty years ('67-'97), the compilation's MVI reissue now helps ring in Chicago's 40th anniversary in true 21st century style. The group's timeless music is presented in DTS 5.1, Dolby Digital and Advanced Resolution PCM Stereo mixes, and the disc is also loaded with videos, ringtones and other interactive bonus features and applications.   

 MVI is a DVD-based music format that, in addition to all the benefits of an audio disc, delivers higher fidelity and advanced mixes, leading-edge video and interactive extras. It also offers a one-click capability to save digital music files onto a hard drive. On HEART OF CHICAGO-the band's first title to get an MVI make-over-signature songs including “Satuday In The Park,” “You're The Inspiration” Hard Habit To Break” and the #1 hits “Look Away” and the GRAMMY®winning “If You Leave Me Now” will be richly enhanced sonic experiences. 


 Bonus video content to make you smile includes a new interview with Chicago, videos for “Hard Habit To Break” and “Will You Still Love Me?” plus live performances of “Make Me Smile” and “Beginnings” from A&E Live By Request. 


 The MVI Disc also features the URTone* ringtone application and ringtones for “25 Or 6 To 4,” “Call On Me,” “Saturday In The Park” and “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?” (URTone only works in the U.S.). There's also a link to make your own mix of “Free” with NU-MYX, a photo gallery, buddy icons, wallpapers, Weblinks/Rom and a booklet PDF. 


 Formed in its namesake city in 1967, Chicago is the first American band ever to propel albums into Billboard. HEART OF CHICAGO (MVI) continues Rhino's celebration of that milestone and the band's enduring popularity.

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Equipment, Surround Sound : Sony RHT-G900 TV Stand Doles Out Virtual Surround Sound

You’ve heard of plenty of all-in-one devices, so here’s an interesting all-in-one piece: the RHT-G900 A/V furniture coming from Sony Japan in May, designed for its Bravia line of TVs up to 46 inches.

If you don’t have room for a booming sound system with tower speakers and mega subwoofer, don’t fret. This baby comes with built-in left, center and right speaker channels and a subwoofer right in the rack. And there’s 5.1-channel virtual surround provided by the S-Force PRO technology.

The RHT-G900 also features HDMI inputs, digital audio inputs, digital media port, preset equalizers and a digital audio decoder that can do Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG-2, AAC and PCM.

Dimensions for this 119-pound unit are roughly 44 by 16 by 19 inches. We’re taking the word from, which hopefully translated Sony’s Japanese press release pretty well.

Sorry, no details of cost or shipment to the U.S.

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Music : Magenta : The Metomorphosis Collection 5.1
Magenta : The Metomorphosis Collection 5.1Tigermoth Records are proud to announce the release of Metamorphosis, the fourth studio album from Magenta on April 21st.

The album, will retail at £10 with free postage anywhere in the world. All pre-orders placed via the Magenta shop will be despatched from 22nd March, prior to the album’s general release on April 21st. A North American edition released via will come out on May 6th.

Sound clips of the album will shortly be available from our website at or via the Magenta Myspace page.

We also pleased to announce that we have a special treat for Magenta fans. The Metamorphosis Collection DVD contains over 3 hours of fascinating material filmed over the last few months during the making of the album, including a Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound mix of the entire album. The DVD contains the following:

1. Making of Metamorphosis Documentary. (52.55)
This includes footage filmed during the recording of the CD and interviews with the album’s key contributors
2. Inside the Mix with Rob Reed (55.34)
Rob Reed behind the mixing desk revealing what makes each track tick.
3. Interview with Rob and Steve Reed (21.00)
Rob and lyricist Steve Reed talk about the origins and concept behind the album
4. Interview with Steve Reed (9.09)
Steve Reed talks about the lyrics and concepts behind each track
5. Complete Dolby 5.1 Surround Mix (53.00)
The whole album presented exclusively in glorious Dolby 5.1 surround sound
6. Prekestolen Video (3.43)
Studio Montage video of the Prekestolen track

The DVD will be in one format – NTSC – and will cost £13, with free postage worldwide. For the time being it will ONLY be available via The Magenta Shop prior to a general release later in the year. The DVD can be pre-ordered now, and will be despatched from 22nd March, at the same time as the album.

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Music : Namlook XXI - Subconscious Worlds DTS-CD 5.1
“Namlook XXI · Subconscious Worlds”

PK 08/181 Limited: 500 copies

CD1:DTS 5.1 Music Disc
CD2:Stereo CD Version

Release: 15/02/08

Our lives influence our dreams as our dreams influence our lives. The subconscious mind
lives on in our dreams. exploring worlds impossible in our own. But what happens when
those worlds and minds collide? Live the dream or dream the life.
Subconscious Worlds dives deep into this theme and is, like our dreams and our life, bouncing
constantly between driving rhythms, dreamscapes & intense atmospheres. Never
superficial, always intense. Sometimes calm, sometimes moving.

Tracks: Opening the Gate 9.30 / Living the Dream 12.15 / Subconscious Worlds 22.40 / Canned Love 11.52

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Music : Ringo Starr - 5.1
altNew Ringo Starr album will be released by Koch Records on March, 3, 2008 on DVD-Audio with 5.1 multichannel sound, mixed under artist's personal control. The DVD Disc features audio content only and plays on all DVD players, in DTS 5.1 and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. To access advanced resolution DVD-Audio option a DVD-Audio Player is required.

01. Fading In and Fading Out
02. Never Without You
03. Choose Love
04. Imagine Me There
05. Oh My Lord
06. Memphis In Your Mind
07. Give Me Back The Beat
08. Love First, Ask Questions Later
09. Don't Hang Up
10. Eye To Eye
11. Some People
12. Elizabeth Reigns
13. I Really Love He
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Music : EMI Music Japan to Release First Blu-ray
EMI Music Japan has announced that they will release the Yumi Matsutoya film 'Yuming Spectacle Shangrila III' for Blu-ray on March 5th, day-and-date with the DVD release. A total of 40 high definition cameras were used to give a 3D view of the stage for the recently held concert. The two disc set will also come with the bonus DVD (from the DVD set) and feature both 5.1 and 2.0 PCM tracks.

This will be the first Blu-ray release from EMI Music Japan, which up until June of last year was known as Toshiba EMI. No HD DVD has been announced at this time, and it appears to former Toshiba Corporation subsidiary will not be supporting the format.
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Equipment : Theater Grand AV receiver Sunfire TGR-401
alt Sunfire has unveiled their new Theater Grand AV receiver, the Sunfire TGR-401.
The Theater Grand 401 powers seven channels via it's class H amplifier, which will push 150 watts and remain cool to the touch thanks to it's efficient design. New additions to this revision of the Theater Grand receiver are Sirius connectivity, two Ole2XL touchpad ports and a VIA!migo port for your iPod. The Sunfire TGR-401 offers three HDMI 1.3a inputs and one output. Unfortunately, decoding of Dolby Digital+, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD are not present in the TGR-401.
The Sunfire TGR-401 will set you back a cool $4000 when it becomes available this April.
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