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Equipment : New Pioneer SACD DVD Player
New Pioneer SACD DVD PlayerBeginning in May and continuing to July, Pioneer Japan will release three new DVD and SACD players:

DV-610AV, featuring HDMI output, upscaling, SACD, DSD, USB port, and CD to USB recording. Our player supports the following media : WMV, WMA, MPEG-4 AAC, MP3, DivX, DivX Ultra and JPEG.

FV-410AV, also features HDMI output with upscaling, but no SACD or USB port. It supports the following media: WMV, WMA, MPEG-4 AAC, MP3, DivX and JPEG.

DV-310 with no HDMI and no upscaling, no SACD, no CD to USB recording, but a simple USB port and supports the following media : WMA, MPEG-4 AAC, MP3, JPEG, and DivX.
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Equipment : Onkyo TX-SR606 A/V receiver announced

Onkyo TX-SR606 A/V receiver announcedAs part of the second generation of Onkyo high-definition-capable receivers, the TX-SR606 is at the forefront of affordable home theater. The key is to have the most capable version of HDMI. The TX-SR606 provides high-definition video and audio processing for four source componentsanother first for Onkyo at this level. From Blu-ray Disc players to gaming consoles and cable/satellite boxes, you have everything in the digital realm covered. Apart from 1080p video, the TX-SR606 can upscale all video signals to 1080i, regardless of the connection, for output via HDMI. Onkyos own RIHD (Remote Interactive over HDMI) also gives you inter-operability with the displays and playback components from other leading brands. And with an expanded version of Audysseys room correction technology, the TX-SR606 maintains the fullness of surround sound audio quality at low volume levels. The TX-SR606 offers all-round excellence rarely seen at this level.

Special Features

  • HDMI v1.3a Repeater (4 inputs, 1080P compatible)
  • HDMI Video Upconversion
  • 1080i Upscaling powered by Faroudja DCDi Edge
  • TrueHD, DTS-HD Decoding

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Equipment : Onkyo Introduces 3 New Entry level HTiBs
Onkyo has introduced three new packaged home theater systems, each consisting of a flexible HDTV-capable audio-video receiver, five or seven surround-sound loudspeakers, powerful subwoofer, and an included iPod docking station on two of the systems. These systems, popularly called HTiB for Home Theater in a Box, can be combined with a video display, Blu-Ray or DVD player, and cable/satellite TV box to provide a complete home theater surround sound experience.Onkyo Introduces 3 New Entry level HTiBs
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Equipment : Surround Sound Chair from D+S
Surround Sound Chair from D+SS+D Sound Labs have announced their latest gadget in the body of the Surround Chair, a no-nonsense tool for the audio purists out there. Far from being a toy, this rather intriguing armchair looks like a command chair from a starship. We're dealing with a large piece of high-tech furniture destined to immerse you in the deepest center of high-class listening with your fav movies and music alike.

The D+S Surround Chair is truly for the surround aficionados as it comes with a true four-way sound array with special construction so it will give you true surround without distortions and with carefully detailed accuracy. This massive chair sports dual front-channel drivers, twin rear/surround speakers and a dedicated subwoofer to let you experience the very minute details in your soundtracks.
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Equipment : Four New Pioneer LX AV Receivers for Studio-Quality Sound

Pioneer releasing 4 new AV receivers this summer as part of our LX Line:

  • SC-LX81:
    LX Series Amplifier with ICEpower Amplification, DNLA and THX Ultra2 Plus Certification
  • SC-LX71:
    LX Series Amplifier with ICEpower Amplification, DNLA Certified
  • VSX-LX51:
    LX Series Amplifier with Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio
  • VSX-1018AH:
    7-Channel Receiver with Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio
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Music : The Dark Side of the Moog XI by Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze in DTS 5.1
The Dark Side of the Moog XI by Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze in DTS 5.1XI album in Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze "The Dark Side of the Moog" series now coming out with multichannel sound in DTS-CD 5.1!

This CD is a further step in the collaboration of Klaus and Pete. The old collaboration parameters are expanded with very intense and emotional moments that take the listener on a journey of a new quality. Monumental, spacy, environmental and beat-oriented. The new way removes limitations.
The Dark Side of the Moog up to X was a nice journey through the history of Space-Music in combination with the innovative music of today. XI is clearly a step further. Using a lot of analog, digital and futuristic virtual equipment combined with vast computer power to generate a sound that goes beyond its predecessors. For the first time The Dark Side of the Moog comes in DTS 5.1 Surround. The monumental power of The Heart of Our Nearest Star and its imaginary scenery is clearly made for big sound systems.

CD tracks: The Heart of Our Nearest Star Part I - IV 56.10 min
DTS 5.1 Music Disc/Stereo 2CD. For compatibility reasons (to listen to the music in the car or at your friends or if you dont own a DTS capable 5.1 Surround System) we included a stereo CD version in the double CD-pack.
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Music : First multichannel audio-only Blu-ray title announced

Surround Records has announced a late-April arrival for its debut Blu-ray multichannel audio release, 'Grieg: Piano Concerto.'

Taking inspiration from Norwegian folk-art and poetry, 'Grieg: Piano Concerto/Symphonic Dances/In Autumn' features a trio of the famed composer's performances presented in an "Acoustic Reality Experience," designed to give listeners a realistic representation of the acoustic spaces in which performances originally took place.

The street date for the Blu-ray is April 25.

Carrying on the tradition of its past HD DVD releases, Surround Records presents 'Grieg' in remixed 7.1-channel DTS-HD Lossless Master Audio high-resolution surround (24-bit/96k), along with an accompanying video track that features multimedia artwork and visuals encoded in 1080p/VC-1. Retail price for 'Grieg: Piano Concerto/Symphonic Dances/In Autumn' on Blu-ray has been set at $34.98.

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Equipment : First and Only Surround Sound Microphone Under $100 for Video Cameras
First and Only Surround Sound Microphone Under $100 for Video CamerasCascade Audio, Inc., an Oregon-based surround microphone technology company, announced today the availability of the new and improved "Vive" - a unique, patented surround microphone which produces Dolby Pro Logic and Dolby Digital 5.1* compatible surround sound recordings on any stereo video camera with a mic input jack. Sold as an affordable after-market accessory at B & H Photo it mounts easily to video cameras to record in true surround sound in a single step. Consumers can now take full advantage of their surround speakers for their home movies, with a lifelike, multi-channel listening experience. B & H Foto & Electronics Corp. retails the microphone for only $99, plus shipping.
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