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Multichannel Music News
Music : Norwegian label 2L releases Blu-ray/SACD music title
Norwegian label 2L releases Blu-ray/SACD music titleYesterday the Norwegian record label 2L released its first ever Blu-Ray record.

Divertimenti is a milestone in many ways. It is the labels 50th record release and it marks the twentieth anniversary of the Trondheim soloist whose concert in Selbu Church is captured on Divertimenti. A label always at the forefront technologically, 2L (Linberg Lyd) found the occasion right to make Divertimenti a milestone also in format.

The Blu-ray technology makes use of five separate sound tracks, which entails a complex recording and mixing process conditioned by very sophisticated equipment. 2L has cooperated with equipment manufacturers and the record now available is the fruit of a combined effort opening up new vistas of sound rendition. The sound is, as with Blu-ray images, like nothing youve heard before. Each instrument is clearly positioned, creating a multidimensional listening experience of utmost clarity. But since very few so far have the proper home equipment to actually play Blu-ray discs, the release also includes a SACD disc, playable on all standard CD players and computers.
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Equipment : Atoll DVD/SACD Player DVD200
Atoll DVD/SACD Player DVD200ATOLL, an accessible high-end audio electronics brand handmade in France with the highest standards of quality and perfectionism, releases DVD/SACD player with multichannel analog audio output and HDMI 1.1 interface. Price: 1900€.
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Equipment : KEF introduces 3rd-generation KHT2005.3 Home Theater

KEF introduces 3rd-generation KHT2005.3 Home TheaterKEF has announced the introduction of its third-generation Home Theatre 2000 Series - the KHT2005.3 5.1 speaker system. The new KHT2005.3 is the latest version of KEFs most iconic home cinema system family-range, the original of which was first introduced to the market in 2000. The system is complete with 4 HTS2001.3 satellites, an HTC2001.3 centre channel speaker and the new KUBE-2 subwoofer. The satellites and centre channel have an improved multidirectional desktop mount (the same as the KHT3000 series desktop mount) with better stability and user preference positioning, while KUBE-2 has a powerful performance complementing the clarity and sound quality of the satellites and centre channel.

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Equipment : Classe announced 10-ch processor/preamp SSP-800
Classe announced 10-ch processor/preamp SSP-800The SSP-800 has been designed to accommodate the latest digital source and display devices with HDMI as the de facto connection standard. More than a simple switcher, the SSP-800 serves as an HDMI 1.3a repeater, negotiating video resolution between source and display and both taking digital audio off of and putting it onto the HDMI signal path. The SSP-800 can be said to be a multichannel preamp/processor that has been optimized for digital audio and video interconnections.
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Equipment : Yamaha unveils 5.1 ultra-compact HTiB TSS-20

Yamaha unveils 5.1 ultra-compact HTiB TSS-20Yamaha presents 5.1-channel compact theater TSS-20 with 48W total power & 5-cm cone satellites. Built-in DSP comes with a silent cinema and night listening mode to let you enjoy without disturbing others at night.

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Equipment : Denon Expands Line Of Advanced Audio/Video Receivers
Denon Expands Line Of Advanced Audio/Video ReceiversTen New Models, Including Two More in the Custom Integration CI Line; All Models Feature Audyssey Dynamic EQ and Audyssey Dynamic Volume, HDMI 1.3a Capability and More.

Denon Electronics, one of the worlds premier manufacturers of high-quality home entertainment components, is introducing ten new, advanced audio/video receivers. All new models are designed to give consumers simple, powerful and more affordable solutions for enjoying the very best performance from todays advanced home entertainment formats, as well as provide additional multi-zone A/V capabilities to enhance a users lifestyle. Denons new offerings include the multi-zone Models AVR-2809CI (SRP: $1,199), AVR-2309CI (SRP: $849), AVR-1909 (SRP: $649), AVR-1709 (SRP: $449) and AVR-1609 (SRP: $349), as well as five new high-performance, high-value receivers in its Retail Home Theater Series line, the AVR-989 (SRP: $1,199), AVR-889 (SRP: $749), AVR-789 (SRP: $599), AVR-689 (SRP: $399), and AVR-589 (SRP: $299). The initials CI (for Custom Integration) in the two models noted above emphasize the inclusion of special features and capabilities geared specifically toward professional custom integrators.
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Music : Move D Namlook XVI - Travelling the Silk Route DTS-CD

Move D  Namlook XVI - Travelling the Silk Route DTS-CDA musical space, in which outer and inner order merge into an artistic whole

Recorded live at David's reSource studio in Heidelberg Dave and Pete this time explore travelling the silk route in a journey through sound.

Jazz, oriental sounds, enviromental ambient and innovative percussions relate to the silk route as a synonym for a trade and cultural transmission route winding through different civilizations as well as various landscapes connecting East and West Asia.
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Equipment : Pioneer reveals 2008 Elite AV receiver family
Pioneer reveals 2008 Elite AV receiver familyDesigned Specifically to Complement 2008 KURO Displays and Blu-ray Disc Players, Pioneer Elite Receivers Boast Revolutionary Amplifier Technology

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. today introduces four new A/V receivers delivering high-definition (HD) audio and video experiences for emerging home theaters the Elite SC-07, SC-05, VSX-03TXH and VSX-01TXH. Acting as the HD control center, Pioneer's full line of A/V receivers work seamlessly with Pioneer's 2008 KURO displays and Blu-ray Disc players to deliver the ultimate HD picture and sound performance for a truly emotional response in the living room.

Pioneer's flagship A/V receiver, code named "Susano," has set the industry standard for home theater performance and its 2008 top-of-the-line receivers, the SC-07 and SC-05, continue to incorporate the Direct Energy HD Amplifier with ICEpower analog class D amplification technology to produce a level of multi-channel power output, fidelity, and efficiency never before seen or heard in a home A/V receiver. Supported by the Company's legacy sound-tuning technology, the SC-07 and SC-05 were designed from the ground up to produce a 3-dimensional aural experience that will take listeners to the next level of high resolution multichannel surround sound in the entertainment room.

The Elite VSX-03TXH and VSX-01TXH join Pioneer's leading receiver from 2007 - the VSX-94TXH - to round out the entire 2008 offering. All three models flawlessly pass a 1080p picture with full reproduction capabilities of all new high resolution audio formats.
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