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Equipment : LG & Mark Levinson presents HT953TV with virtual 10.1 sound
LG & Mark Levinson presents HT953TV with virtual 10.1 soundDigital leader and Mr. Mark Levinson create newest home theatre with stylish design and luxurious listening experience.

LG Electronics, a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, announced the next step in their partnership with world-renowned audio guru Mr. Mark Levinson, to create and fine-tune an entertainment product that will set new standards in sound quality and excellence. To maximise sound quality, its loudspeakers feature multiple drivers in parabolic housings, each with a tapered integrated pedestal. This improved sound quality, along with LGs exclusive VSM(Virtual Sound Matrix) Pro technology, allows consumers to enjoy the ultimate surround sound experience when watching movies, TV or listening to music. With VSM Pro technology, HT953TV uses five virtual speakers to produce a 10.1 channel sound effect and enhances the sound quality without any distortion or exaggeration of the original sound.

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Equipment : Sony STR-DA5400ES - reciever for HD multichannel sound

Sony STR-DA5400ES - reciever for HD multichannel soundSTR-DA5400ES: A flagship AV receiver designed for todays HD entertainment and the future

The STR-DA5400ES AV receiver sits at the top of the new ES receiver range, and is designed to form the heart of a total entertainment system. Compatible with all the latest high-definition audio and video formats, it can handle the most complex systems, thanks to no fewer than six HDMI inputs and two outputs, enabling owners to connect to both a BRAVIA LCD TV for everyday use and a home cinema projector for those big movie events, and switch between them at the push of a button.

As well as having built-in decoders for Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD Master Audio, the STR-DA5400ES can accept eight-channel Linear PCM over HDMI, and even the DSD format native to Super Audio CD, enabling it to give excellent results with video and music discs alike. The H.A.T.S. for HDMI transfer system, used when DSD data is passed to this receiver from the new SCD-XA5400ES player, ensures the very best sound quality from Super Audio CD music.

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Equipment : Sony BRAVIA Theatre BDV-IT1000: HT System with Blu-ray
Sony BRAVIA Theatre BDV-IT1000: HT System with Blu-rayBRAVIA Theatre BDV-IT1000: Blu-ray Disc and super-slim speakers make a sweet combination

  • New system provides state of the art Blu-ray Disc home theatre with new High-Definition audio codecs
  • Super-slim speakers with drive-units just 16mm wide
  • Sound with style: Speakers on floor stands, desktop or wall-mounted plus wireless rear channels
  • Two HDMI input terminals allow users to experience external sources through the system, including High-Definition surround sound and vision
  • Simple set-up and operation with Digital Cinema Auto Calibration and BRAVIA Sync
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Equipment : Philips CinemaOne
Philips CinemaOnePhilips has found a new way to put a complete home theater system into another surprising form factor without compromising on quality: The Philips CinemaOne ( combines a DVD and CD player, an iPod dock, a five channel amplifier, six speakers, and a subwoofer all into a single stylish box of the size of a football, This small, stylish all-in-one home cinema system is the perfect fit for small spaces and budgets.

Measuring just 27.3 x 17.2 x 27.3cm (wxhxd) the Philips CinemaOne surprises with a great surround sound experience caused by six precisely angled speakers which are positioned around the body of the CinemaOne. The 4 subwoofer is built into the base of the unit whereby the installation is clutter free without the need for extra power cables and speaker wires. With the Philips CinemaOne a cinema like experience can be created also in smaller spaces like the living room of a student appartment, the bedroom, or in the office.
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Music : Lacuna Coil re-releases "Karmacode" album with 5.1 sound
Lacuna Coil releases double live DVD "Visual Karma" with 5.1 mix of their previous album "Karmacode" as bonus part of "Limited Edition" 4 Disc Package.-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->
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Equipment : Philips unveils HTS9810 with 9.1 Cinema Sound
Philips unveils HTS9810 with 9.1 Cinema SoundFor the movie connoisseur the true cinematic experience means not only the very best in audio and video quality but also the ambience of a cinema theatre at home.

With the new Philips DVD Home Theatre System (HTS9810) featuring 9.1 Cinema Sound everybody can have an all enveloping, realistic cinema experience at home now.

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Equipment : Rotel launches 15 Series of Home Audio Components
Rotel launches 15 Series of Home Audio ComponentsFor nearly five decades, home audio electronics manufacturer Rotel has been known worldwide for creating components that deliver serious audio and video performance at affordable prices. Now the multinational company has chosen Septembers 2008 CEDIA Expo, in Denver, CO, to debut an all new product range. The launch of the 15 Series will unveil a broad range of home theater and custom-installation electronics sure to enhance Rotels already highly regarded reputation.

New lineup includes following multichannel models:
Home Theater Receivers RSX-1550, RSX-1560
Home Theater Processr/Preamlifier RSX-1570
Five-Channel Home Theater Power Amps RMB-1565, RMB-1575
Six-Channel Installation Amplifier RMB-1506
Twelve-Channel Installation Amplifier RMB-1512-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->
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Equipment : New SACD player from Sony: SCD-XA5400ES with DSD over HDMI

New SACD player from Sony: SCD-XA5400ES with DSD over HDMISCD-XA5400ES: The Super Audio CD player for the true music lover

For those who want the ultimate sound quality from audio discs, the new ES range features the SCD-XA5400ES Super Audio CD/CD player, designed to deliver superlative audio quality from stereo and multi-channel software.

This is Sonys first Super Audio CD player to allow the transfer of Super Audio CDs native Direct Stream Digital audio format over HDMI, and ensures a perfect transfer to its matching AV receiver via Sonys H.A.T.S., or High-quality digital Audio Transfer System.

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Equipment : 7.1-channel receiver Yamaha RX-Z7
7.1-channel receiver Yamaha RX-Z7Expanding on the highly acclaimed Z-Series, Yamaha introduces another benchmark: the RX-Z7, a 7.1-channel Network AV Receiver. The RX-Z7 receiver provides an enormous range of exciting multimedia features, extensive custom installation capabilities, video adjustment features and cutting edge technologies. The RX-Z7 performance provides great enjoyment for the home theater experience.-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->
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Surround Sound : New SACD from 2L: Chamber Music by ELLIOTT CARTER - Figments and Fragments
New SACD from 2L: Chamber Music by ELLIOTT CARTER - Figments and FragmentsFor this album of music by Elliott Carter, on GRAMMY award-nominated Norwegian label 2L, cellist Johannes Martens has assembled some of Norway's foremost young musicians. Tracing Carter's development through some of his most creative periods, these works - from the beautiful 1946 Elegy and the celebrated Cello Sonata from 1948 through to newer pieces for solo instruments, duo, trio and string quartet - constitute nearly a cross-section of musical evolution in the 20th century's second half.

Heard individually, the chamber works of Elliott Carter give the listener tantalising snapshots of the composer's style and technique; as a group, they represent a microcosm of his musical personality. Any selection of several pieces by the same composer will inevitably reveal similarities, traits, and preoccupations. But here is also great variety and resourcefulness: in one piece, an affectionate and playful tribute to a fellow musician; in another, a sustained grappling with the very substance of musical time; and in yet another, a dialogue or conversation between multifaceted protagonists that bring an unmistakably social aspect into musical discourse. And all the while, the music flows through a plethora of moods and characters, at one moment playful, the next impassioned, now agitated, now wistful. It is this dynamism that most distinguishes Carter's music from that of his peers; its restlessness and its ability to turn on a hair from the most skittish characterisations to the most poignantly human outpourings, but always flowing and always carrying the listener along on the tide of its composer's invention and ingenuity.

Hybrid Super Audio-CD 5.1 SURROUND + STEREO produced in DXD (Digital eXtreme Definition)
This compact disc looks like a normal CD and plays on all standard players and computers.
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