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mm-news » Equipment » Denon releases first ever Blu-ray/SACD/DVD-Audio player: Denon DVD-A1UD
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Equipment : Denon releases first ever Blu-ray/SACD/DVD-Audio player: Denon DVD-A1UD
Denon Electronics announced first universal HD audio/video player, supporting Blu-ray, SACD & DVD-Audio formats: Denon DVD-A1UD. Player also reads DVD Video, DVD-R/RW, CD, CD-R/RW and files from SD / SDHC card slot, including WMA/MP3 music, DivX 6 video, JPEG. HDMI Ver.1.3 interface supports 1080/60p, 1080/24p video output and, with Denon Link 4, direct DSD audio output with jitter reduction.

Player will ship in Japan
by the end of January 2009, priced at 546,000 yen (5879$) in black or silver. A European launch will follow in March 2009, priced at 4000€.

More details can be found in translated from Japanese press release.

BD player HDMI Ver.1.3 of two strains of the output, 1080/60p, 1080/24p output. In the body and Dolby TrueHD decoding of DTS-HD Master Audio also available. Analog 7.1ch output has one line. Enhancer technology of its own "DPIC" has also, 10bit processing to detect correction, improving the accuracy of contour correction. Also consider the impact of the surrounding pixels enhancements put in a total of 9-pixel video data to analyze the sample and adopt a new algorithm. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal pixels in the direction of the image processing unit found in the fine-grained. As well as SD video, BD and HD video footage can also put a correction.

In addition, high-quality transmission technology of its own "DENON LINK" adopt. The DSD for SACD Transmission "DENON LINK 3rd" taking over the functions of the enhanced features "DENON LINK 4th" chips. BD video transmission in a speech to the HDMI, AV Amplifier decoded to DENON LINK 4th and to connect the amplifier to run in the DAC master clock, the player returned to the side. Player and amplifier share the same clock work and to make integrated circuits, low-jitter transmission was possible.

Denon releases first ever Blu-ray/SACD/DVD-Audio player: Denon DVD-A1UDHowever, the Partnership will not be able to respond to the amplifier DENON LINK 4th only. Release of the models already in the "AVP-A1HD" and "AVC-A1HD" to respond, "DENON LINK 4th" to the need to upgrade the details will be announced at a later date. In the future the company, AV amplifier to a high standard DENON LINK 4th plans.

In addition, two systems using the HDMI output "AV PYUADAIREKUTO" also available. HDMI signals in a single projector and video, the audio signal another HDMI (2ch / multi-channel) and AV amplifiers, which send signals to independence, and video and audio to prevent interference from high Quality / high-quality playback, it said.

Video Display a "vertical stretch" to show support. Usually images in anamorphic aspect ratio to play, the top and bottom of the screen appears black belt in a vertical stretch above and below the image that can display full-screen video. "BD-Live" will also, at a later date, the firmware update will be renewable. HDMI CEC is also supported.

To the circuit configuration of their own "Dynamic Discrete Surround Circuit-HD" (DDSC) "adopted. Signal processing circuitry required for each block consists of a discrete, dedicated circuits for each available block. BD HAIBITTOODIODEKODO for the Department, the Ministry of Bath Management, Advanced AL32 Processing Multi Channel Division, DAC, respectively, including the analog audio portion is configured for each block.

CD to expand the number of bits to handle its own "ALPHA Processing" is the latest version, "Advanced AL32 Processing" chips. Support for BD-Video, from the traditional 24bit and 32bit extended to up the number of bits. "Distortion-free picture of the delicate, precise localization of sound, low-rich region, can play close to the original sound," he said. Advanced AL32 processing on all channels with other 32bit/192kHz This corresponds to the DAC is used on all channels.

In addition, 2ch analog output only, the full balance for the transmission circuits. AVP-A1HD/POA-A1HD in combination with the players to amplify the power amplifier from the DAC, the balance can be transmitted. The terminal is also equipped with XLR.

Drive, the FURAGUSHIPPUMODERU PYUAODIO "DCD-SX" was developed for "Advanced SVH Mechanism" is based on, BD / DVD of both dumping and order, improve the accuracy of reading the fine is made Use. Mechanisms to be placed in position by a low center of gravity low and the図RE the disk rotational vibration due to internal and external vibrations to be from the realization that a strong structure. In addition, the vibration of the body's power transformer near the ground, placed in直上of insulators. The entire system to prevent interference, the power supply for analog circuits and digital circuits for power supplies, servo Department, the Ministry of digital signal processing, video department, 2ch audio department, the Ministry of MARUCHICHANNERUODIO is separated into seven blocks.

Output terminals are in addition to HDMI × 2, Component, S-video, composite, DENON LINK, optical digital audio, coaxial digital audio, XLR audio, voice ANAROGUMARUCHICHANNERU for each system. Ethernet, RS232C, is also equipped with a control pin. SN ratio of 125dB, the dynamic range of 110dB, total harmonic distortion rate of 0.0008 percent. Power consumption is 80W. Dimensions: 434 × 410 × 151mm (width × height × depth). The weight of 18.9kg.
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