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mm-news » Equipment » Harman Kardon introduces new audio/video receiver line-up
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Equipment : Harman Kardon introduces new audio/video receiver line-up

Harman Kardon introduces new audio/video receiver line-upHDMI(tm) 1.3a Compatibility With Dolby(r) TrueHD and DTS(r)-HD Master Audio(tm) Decoding, II for iPod Connectivity, Home Networking Capability Among Advanced Features Included in New Models

Harman Kardon, Inc., announces its 2008 audio/video receiver lineup, marking one of the most significant product introductions in the company's history. The 7.2-channel AVR 755, 7.1-channel AVR 655, AVR 355 and AVR 255, and the 5.1-channel AVR 155 offer an extensive complement of industry-leading features and technologies, including HDMI 1.3a compatibility, Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio decoding, home networking capability, a newly-developed, full-color, high definition graphical on-screen menu system, and many additional enhancements.

Complementing their best-in-class performance and ease of use, all of the receivers have an elegant, minimalist appearance, with gracefully rounded corners, a gloss-black top panel and dark graphite lower panel, all accented by soft white illumination.

Ultimate-Performance High-Definition Video and Audio Capabilities

All the multichannel receivers include HDMI switching with either four or three HDMI inputs (depending on model), are HDMI 1.3-compatible and can pass video signals to 1080p. The flagship Harman Kardon AVR 755 and all other models (except the AVR 155) incorporate leading-edge Faroudja DCDi Cinema(tm) digital-video processing that provides upscaled and enhanced 1080p output from all video sources, for extraordinary image quality. In addition, all the receivers are 12-bit Deep Color-compatible for use with Deep Color-capable video components, TVs and display devices.

All models (except the AVR 155) offer Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding, to deliver the ultimate in high-resolution multichannel audio realism from these state-of-the-art lossless (uncompressed) audio formats and compatible HD-DVD and Blu-ray discsTM and players. All the receivers except the AVR 155 can process 7.1-channel PCM audio delivered to their HDMI inputs, and feature HDMI repeater functionality, enabling the use of longer HDMI cable lengths.

Newly-Developed On-Screen Menu System Provides Unmatched Ease of Use

All models (except the AVR 155) incorporate a Harman Kardon exclusive, newly developed high-definition full-color on-screen menu system that utilizes both pictures and text to guide users in setting up their home entertainment system, and in verifying that their components are connected and configured properly. Complementing the menu system's unmatched ease of use, the receivers feature redesigned remote controls with simplified, yet more flexible operation and a more intuitive ergonomic design.

Advanced Home Networking and Multiroom Audio/Video Connectivity

The AVR 755 and AVR 655 can interface with a home network via an Ethernet connection (or wirelessly, via optional external bridge adaptors), to provide advanced computer interface and home entertainment capabilities. When connected the receivers can deliver compatible Internet radio playback via the home entertainment system, with Internet radio station ID information shown on both the on-screen and the receivers' front panel displays. Internet radio stations can also be stored in the tuner's preset station memory.

All the receivers except the AVR 155 offer multiroom audio capability with assignable Zone II amplifier sections; the AVR 755 also provides multiroom video connectivity for all A/V source components including iPod (when connected via an optional The Bridge II docking station). In addition, the AVR 755, AVR 655 and AVR 355 incorporate the A-BUS(r) system for easy multizone audio connectivity, using a single Cat. 5 cable to connect a receiver in one room to a Harman Kardon AB 2 or AB 1 amplified in-wall control/amplifier module in a second room, or connect to Harman Kardon ABH 4000 or ABH 4 for multizone/multiroom audio distribution.

Advanced iPod Home Entertainment with The Bridge II Docking Station for iPod

The AVR 755, AVR 655 and AVR 355 include improved iPod connectivity, which provides enhanced iPod audio and video playback and control capabilities. When a compatible iPod model* (not included) is connected using the new The Bridge II** docking station (sold separately), the iPod can be operated by the receiver's remote control, with menus to operate the iPod shown on a TV (or video display) and the receiver's front-panel display. The iPod menus are displayed in high-definition and offer fast, easy navigation.

Automated, Easy and Accurate System Setup

All the receivers include proprietary automated full-range room-equalization and system calibration, to simplify system setup and achieve optimal audio quality in any listening room. EzSet/EQ(tm) automatically measures the frequency response peaks and dips in the listening room and applies a precise, compensating equalization curve to achieve unprecedented sonic accuracy. EzSet/EQ also calibrates speaker output levels and delay times.

Engineered for Exceptional Sound Quality

The receivers continue the Harman Kardon heritage of uncompromising sound quality. All incorporate the company's acclaimed high-current, ultrawide-bandwidth amplifier sections, and their power ratings are stated with all channels fully driven to provide an accurate indication of their real-world amplifier performance. The receivers utilize high-speed DSP processors, audiophile-grade D/A converters and comprehensive bass-management systems to reproduce movies and music with remarkable fidelity and dynamic impact; all incorporate proprietary Logic 7(r) audio technologies for enhanced surround sound realism.

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