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mm-news » Equipment » New Pioneer Home Cinema Blu-ray Systems LX01BD and LX03BD
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Equipment : New Pioneer Home Cinema Blu-ray Systems LX01BD and LX03BD
New Pioneer Home Cinema Blu-ray SystemsPioneer will expand its home cinema product portfolio with three new home entertainment systems that complement the high quality and premium design of its renowned KURO flat screen TVs. Building on the success of last year's LX01, the LX01BD and LX03BD are Pioneer’s first home cinema systems to include a Blu-ray Disc player, while the LX03 incorporates a DVD player.

Distinctive design
Pioneer brings together the best in technology with the best in design to create complete entertainment solutions. Sharing the minimalist aesthetics of Pioneer's KURO TVs, all four home cinema systems sport the same clean lines and piano black finish characteristic. With a combined glossy black/brushed aluminium front and top panel the LX03 and LX03BD are a true visual treat. For optimum ease of use, these systems feature intelligent touch sensor buttons that are automatically lit by a motion sensor whenever a hand approaches, whereas the LX01BD benefits from an intuitive LCD touch screen remote and a separate display.

All-encompassing entertainment solutions
The LX01BD includes a profile 1.1, BonusView Blu-ray Disc Player with 1080p true 24 movie frames per second playback, 12-bit HDMI Deep Colour support, a dual-drive subwoofer receiver and four distinctive 3-dimensional shaped satellite speakers. The LX03 comprises a DVD player system, allows SACD/DVD-audio playback and comes with compact satellite speakers, as does the LX03BD. The LX03BD combine the BDP-LX08 stand alone design Blu-ray Player with a slim 5.1 channel A/V receiver for advanced audio capabilities.

With two-in, one-out HDMI connections all home cinema systems are completely future ready for the latest sources. KURO LINK support will allow consumers to use the remote control of their KURO flat screen TV to operate these systems' main functions.

Focusing on media friendliness, the LX03 and LX03BD are iPod digital compatible, which means an iPod can be directly connected to the receiver with the supplied USB cable and controlled by the receiver's remote, guaranteeing digital and lossless music transfer. The Advanced Sound Retriever function will enhance compressed music formats such as MP3, Windows Media Audio or MPEC-4 AAC to such a degree that the opulence and richness of the original are restored. To eliminate the fluctuations in volume level of different MP3 recordings Auto Level Control keeps the dynamic of all content and sources at a constant level.

Three-dimensional sound
Not only is the picture quality offered by these systems exceptional, consumers will also be able to enjoy the purest sound available. The LX01BD system incorporates a unique dodecahedron - a geometric shape with 12 sides – speaker concept, which allows the speakers to generate sound fields in all directions. The result is a three-dimensional soundscape that can fill every space and any living room. The LX01BD comes with two compact combined front/centre satellite speakers and two rear speakers which can also be positioned in the front for a minimalist look. The LX03 and LX03BD allow flexible speaker set-up, with the Front Stage Surround function enabling the most neat and elegant integration by placing all speakers directly alongside the TV to free up space and eliminate the potential issues related to running cables to the rear or your room.

With the speakers in place these home cinema systems allow the user to enjoy every nuance and every note in high definition quality. An internal decoder is capable of processing the latest audio formats DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD resulting in undiminished quality and dynamics. All systems feature Pioneer's propriety Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration System (MCACC) analysing the room's sound characteristics and calibrating the system accordingly, tailoring it to the user's living environment. Potential standing waves are effectively minimised using Standing Wave control. Additionally, the LX01BD features a uniquely designed subwoofer-receiver with dual-drive subs, which enables more powerful handling of lower frequencies. The LX03 and LX03BD systems on the other hand boast a compact, yet powerful A4 size down firing subwoofer with acrylic glossy black top.

The LX03 and LX03BD home cinema systems will be available in October and the LX01BD will be available in November.

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