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mm-news » Equipment » New SACD player from Sony: SCD-XA5400ES with DSD over HDMI
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Equipment : New SACD player from Sony: SCD-XA5400ES with DSD over HDMI

SCD-XA5400ES: The Super Audio CD player for the true music lover

For those who want the ultimate sound quality from audio discs, the new ES range features the SCD-XA5400ES Super Audio CD/CD player, designed to deliver superlative audio quality from stereo and multi-channel software.

This is Sonys first Super Audio CD player to allow the transfer of Super Audio CDs native Direct Stream Digital audio format over HDMI, and ensures a perfect transfer to its matching AV receiver, the STR-DA5400ES via Sonys H.A.T.S., or High-quality digital Audio Transfer System. This allows the AV receiver to control the flow of data from the player, and this, in association with buffering in the AV receiver, ensures the smoothest possible transfer between the two – and the best possible sound.

If the player is used with other amplifiers or AV receivers it employs its high-quality Super Audio CD conversion system, which uses the equivalent of 12 separate digital-to-analogue converters, to output the audio as stereo analogue, either on phono or balanced XLR connectors, or as conventional multi-channel audio via HDMI.

This is a player built to perform; as well as the remarkable H.A.T.S. system it uses a super-rigid frame and beam chassis and utilises separate R-Core power supply transformers for the audio and digital/control sections.

And just in case you thought CD had been forgotten, the SCD-XA5400ES plays those too, as well as CD-R/RW discs. The designers have even used a twin-laser system to ensure the machine plays both Super Audio CDs and CDs to the same standard: theres a dedicated laser for each kind of disc, ensuring it is read as accurately as possible.

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    Comments (3)  Print
    #1 Author: Ernst Schulz

    Joined: --
    Love most of the Sony ES SACD players and owned a few of them like the XA 333es the XA 777es and the XA 9000es (the last one stopped reading sacd's after thirteen months and Sony Badhoevedorp refused to repair it under warrenty or coulance and i payed 3800euro's for it!) but besides that the performance was great and withgreat build quality.
    Anyway my main disapointment was with the few releases on the sacd format.
    So a sold the XA 9000es and bought a dedicated cd player and for DVD and SACD (collected a great number SACDisc's still untill they almost stopped producing them) bought again a Sony NS 9100es and gues what happend after thirteen months?
    Right it stopped reading SACD but this time also DVD and CD.
    And again the same atitude from Sony Badhoevedorp with only 1 year standard warrenty (is this legal according to the European laws on this matter?). and had it fixed after paying 220euro's but only the second time they had it right the first time was as if they have done nothing with it after charging me 220euro's?
    A friend of mine opend the unit up (he is a electronical engineer and knows his trade well) after the first time and he assured me that they have not changed any parts on the unit!
    Now after 6 months it still works but a look at it ass if it was an accident waiting to happen.
    A real pitty because i still love the machine's looks build and performance.
    Coming back now to the subject 1 have high aspectations of this player but i am really starting to mislike the Dutch importer of the brand and when if they had treaded me with some more understanding and respect i would have bought the unit without hesitation what so ever!
    This is not the case so i guess it will not happen.
    What alsois a pity is the fact thatthere are no analoge outputs on the back of the unit wichwill beabig miss for a great deal of the potential buyers.
    Posts: 0 | Comments: 0    
    #2 Author: Disbeliever

    Joined: --
    Can anyone explain why the so-called matching receiver STR-DA5400ES coverts to PCM rather than DSD direct to analogue as PCM decimates the sound ? according to the review in Hi-Fi Choice & Tech Radar.
    Posts: 0 | Comments: 0    
    #3 Author: Disbeliever

    Joined: --
    No big miss multi-channel analogue outputs are now redundant. The sound is excellennt via HDMI I.3 and only one lead required.
    Posts: 0 | Comments: 0    
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