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mm-news » Equipment » Rotel launches 15 Series of Home Audio Components
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Equipment : Rotel launches 15 Series of Home Audio Components
Rotel launches 15 Series of Home Audio ComponentsFor nearly five decades, home audio electronics manufacturer Rotel has been known worldwide for creating components that deliver serious audio and video performance at affordable prices. Now the multinational company has chosen Septembers 2008 CEDIA Expo, in Denver, CO, to debut an all new product range. The launch of the 15 Series will unveil a broad range of home theater and custom-installation electronics sure to enhance Rotels already highly regarded reputation.

This is Rotels most important intro in many years, says Rotels VP of Sales & Marketing, Doug Henderson, and while these new models incorporate a lot of the latest advanced technologies and include some important refinements of Rotels unique amplifier design, the one thing they do not alter is our companys commitment to musical performance above all else. Henderson concludes, These new models were conceived for the listener who truly and passionately cares about sound quality, first and foremost. Rotels new flagship 15 Series will introduce multichannel home theater receivers, a preamp-processor, and power amplifiers, as well as power amplifiers designed exclusively for custom-installation. (Additional 2-channel series and associated models, will arrive early in 2009.)

Two new A/V receivers and a new preamp-processor, all feature HDMI v1.3 connectivity and full compatibility with the high-resolution audio formats Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD Master, and the forthcoming video enhancements Deep Color (enhanced color depth) and xvYCC (extended color gamut). All three components incorporate onboard video processing, courtesy of technology leader Faroudja, that delivers 1080p scaling with 24 Hz capability for reference-grade performance with both movie and video programming. The receivers and pre-pro also boast unsurpassed multizone potential, with audio and video pathways and control functions for second, third, and even fourth zones or remote rooms. Informed audio fans expect Rotel to deliver world-class amplification, and the new 15 Series does not disappoint. The top receiver and power amp models deliver a new generation of Rotels widely praised, ultra-efficient class D amplifier topology, for accurate, dynamic, and musical high power that is also astonishingly compact and lightweight. (Its worth repeating that these are not digital amplifiers, but a highly linear, superbly musical analog amplifying topology that utilizes efficient, smart switching power supply technology.) Meticulous craftsmanship and high end build-quality is evident with sleek new cabinet styling available in a choice of matte black or brushed silver.

Home Theater Receivers

The flagship 7.1-channel RSX-1560, headlines with 7x100W of class D power (with assignable channels forbi-amp or second-zone use), four HDMI v1.3 inputs, and 1080p/24Hz Faroudja video processing, with assignable 12V triggers and RS-232C serial connectivity for easy integration into a customized systemall in a 4U rack-mountable package. The second A/V receiver, the RSX-1550, is a 7.1-channel design with 5x100W of onboard class A/B power: its flexible power amp-assignability makes expansion via any of Rotels new compact 2-channel or multichannel power amps a snap.

Surround Processor/Preamplifier
The RSP-1570 Surround Processor/Preamplifier marries the functionality of the RSX-1560 flagship receiver to the unrestricted quality format of separate components, while retaining 4xHDMI v1.3, Faroudja 1080p/24HZ, and highly flexible multizone abilitiesall in a 3U rackmount (4.5 inch) cabinet.

Leading the amplifier lineup is the RMB-1575, another stunning, compact Class D design: 5x250W into 8Ω (or 5x500 watts 4Ω!) of rigorously rated power, in a 3U, rack-mountable format. Just as important, despite its advanced design, the new amplifier yields sound that Rotel classifies as entirely audiophile grade. The RMB-1565 power amp packages 5x100W of Class D power in a 2U cabinet just 3 inches tall, while a pair of new 2-channel class D models, the 2x250W RB-1572 and the 2x100W RB-1562, both in the 2U (3 in.) formfactor, are ideal for upgrading power or adding channels to 5.1 channel systems.

The big Rotel launch concludes with three new power amps targeted for whole-house, custom install systems. The RMB-1512 features Rotels unparalleled, audiophile-quality class D expertise and offers no fewer than twelve 100W channels in a single, 3U height (4.5 in.), rack-mountable cabinet. Installer-friendly features include input busing, front-panel attenuation controls for each channel, buffered link outputs that maintain signal integrity no matter how elaborate a system grows, and the inclusion of both heavy-duty 5-way speaker outputs and screw-terminals for custom wiring. The elegant, 2-channel RB-1510 offers 2x65W class D power, and all the features outlined above, in an ultra-slim, 1U rack-mountable caseperfect for adding rooms, zones, or channels as a system expands. The RMB-1506 is a 6-channel amp that employs a conventional power supply and Class A/B amplifier topology to deliver 6x60W from a 3U cabinet, making for an affordable, audiophile-quality power source for rooms, zones, or even home theaters.

The new Rotel 15 Series components will become available throughout Q3 and Q4, 2008, at the following manufacturers suggested prices:

RSX-1550 Home Theater Receiver (7.1-ch., 5x100W, HDMI v1.3, Faroudja 1080p/24 Hz)....$1999.00
RSX-1560 Home Theater Receiver (7.1-ch., 7x100W, HDMI v1.3, Faroudja 1080p/24 Hz)....$2599.00
RSP-1570 Home Theater Surround Pro/Pre (7.1-ch., HDMI v1.3, Faroudja 1080p/24 Hz) ....$2199.00
RMB-1565 - Five-Channel Home Theater Power Amp (5x100W Class D, 2U height) ...........$1299.00
RMB-1575 Five -Channel Home Theater Power Amp (5x250W Class D, 3U height)..........$2799.00
RB-1562 - Two-Channel Home Theater Power Amp (2x100W Class D, 2U height).................$799.00
RB-1572 - Two-Channel Home Theater Power Amp (2x250W Class D, 2U height)...............$1299.00
RB-1510 Two-Channel Installation Amplifier (2x65W Class D, 1U height) ...........................$499.00
RMB-1506 - Six-Channel Installation Amplifier (6x60W Class A/B, 3U height)........................$999.00
RMB-1512 - Twelve-Channel Installation Amplifier (12x100W Class D, 3U height)..............$2999.00
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