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Music : Two Mike Oldfield albums reissued with 5.1 sound
Two Mike Oldfield albums reissued with 5.1 soundAfter the success of TUBULAR BELLS and THE MIKE OLDFIELD COLLECTION in 2009, Mercury are delighted to announce that Mike Oldfield's reissue programme continues with two stunning 2010 mixes of two of his best-loved works, HERGEST RIDGE and OMMADAWN to be released on June 7th 2010.

Hergest Ridge and Ommadawn have been mixed, approved and authorised by Mike Oldfield himself. Both albums are released in a Single Disc Edition, A Deluxe Edition (a 2 Disc plus DVD set), in digital form and as A Back to Black vinyl version. Also available, from 14th June, will be a Limited Signed Framed print edition, which is only available through Mike Oldfield's Official Store. is currently in the midst of an overhaul and should be ready very soon, but to pre-order any of these products, please visit the Official Store.

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Music : Anathema - We're Here Because We're Here DVD-Audio
Anathema - We're Here Because We're Here DVD-AudioAnathema return with We're Here Because We're Here, the band's first collection of new material since its highly rated 2003 concept album, A Natural Disaster.

A multi-coloured, multi-layered and intensely emotional work, We're Here Because We're Here has been mixed by Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree/No-Man), who has described it as, definitely among the best albums I've ever had the pleasure to work on, and further develops the band's uniquely melancholy brand of epic song-writing.

This limited special edition version of the album comes packed in a rigid digi-book with a 16 page booklet and features the album on CD plus a DVD-A with a 5.1 surround mix of the album.
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Music, Surround Sound : International festival of 5.1 Surround Sound artwork
International festival of 5.1 Surround Sound artworkRedhouse is a nonprofit cultural center, located in the trendy Armory Square district of Syracuse, NY. RedHouse will host an international biennial festival of 5.1 Surround Sound artwork, from September 17 through September 27. This program will travel to partnering organizations from Delhi, India to Providence, RI to Montreal, Canada through 2010.

((audience)) is an unprecedented project that explores the cinema as a 21st century concert hall. Conceived in 2006, ((audience)) is dedicated to the advancement of aural arts by providing wide distribution and new contexts for works by emerging and established sound artists and composers.

((audience)) at RedHouse will consist of six nights of programming, each exploring a different perspective on the cinema as concert hall.-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->
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Music : Fiona Joy Hawkins releases new album - BLUE DREAM - on SACD
Fiona Joy Hawkins releases new album - BLUE DREAM - on SACDThe headlines may read like a dream tale now, but the road to musical success has been long for Australia's reigning New Age composer and pianist, Fiona Joy Hawkins, who is about to become that country's first indie artist to release an album on SACD.

The album was produced in surround sound, and is available in traditional CD format as well as SACD. According to Hawkins, the team didn't try to re-create an accurate live sound stage effect, but rather a Soundscape Experience that creates more of a dream effect. The album was engineered and mixed by Corin Nelson and mastered by the legendary Bob Ludwig of Gateway Mastering.
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Music : Namlook Le Mar DTS-CD
Namlook Le Mar
(Pete Namlook & Gabriel Le Mar)

This first collaboration of Pete Namlook and Gabriel Le Mar is a perfect combination of two worlds in Chill-Out and Ambient. While both artists have composed and released electronic music for over a decade, each followed a different path. While Namlook was often more on the beatless path of deep instrumental music, Le Mar had a strong connection to dub music and percussive content. Both developed their personal style and now combined their ideas to a perfect match in music. Percussive, melodic, organic monochrome, even a minimalistic electro-techno track is part of this album. The variety of unique organic music with its intense quality, makes you listen to it over and over again.

CD tracks: Acidflow 6.39 / Springtimer 11.03 / Deepa 9.07
In Time 7.38 / Jetzt 6.37 / Flow 13.36
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Music : Ludacris "Theater Of The Mind" reissued with surround sound
Ludacris "Theater Of The Mind" reissued with surround soundLudacris has teamed up with Monster Cable to re-release his new album, Theater Of The Mind, this time in high-definition stereo surround sound. Mixed by Monster's head honcho Noel Lee, the album reportedly will make listeners feel as if they are in the studio with Luda.
Luda's standard-D version of "Theater Of The Mind" is close to reaching gold-status. To date the 7th album from cris' has sold over 470,000 copies in only six weeks. The High-D version of Luda's new album should hit stores next month.-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->
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Music : Deep Purple - Stormbringer 4.1 reussue update

Deep Purple - Stormbringer 4.1 reussue updateThe wheels are turning on the Stormbringer remaster. There will be a 2 disc limited slipcase edition with original quad 4.1 mixes and other goodies, including Glenn's excellent remix work, video elements and more.

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Music : Barclay James Harvest - Once Again reissued in 5.1
Barclay James Harvest - Once Again reissued in 5.1EMI Records intend to release a new deluxe edition of Once Again around this time which will include previously unreleased alternative versions of tracks from the original album, along with a bonus DVD disc which features a 5.1 surround mix of the album recently done by Peter Mew at Abbey Road Studios. More details of the final content of the package will appear in the coming weeks.
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Music : Move D Namlook XVIII - Sexoid DTS-CD
Recorded live at David's reSource studio in Heidelberg, Dave and Pete take a look at what might happen in the future of our society. As part of the Civilization Trilogy (first part was Travelling the Silk Route, second part was There!), Sexoid is a look into a futuristic scenario where fully equipped androids might not only help in the kitchen. Sexoid is a synonym for significant changes in social life of the future. The music between house, deep musical ambience and chill-out accompanied by occasional speech samples fits the overall theme like a glove.

The listener is treated to our images of the future while leavin room for the listeners own reflections on the theme.
CD tracks: In the Mirror 24.32 min
Sexoid 15.43 min
Get Your Chillums Out 13.13
Retro Future 17.04
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Music : Tony Banks "A Curious Feeling" reissued on SACD
Genesis fansite "World of Genesis" is reporting a 30th anniversary edition of Tony Banks' solo debut "A Curious Feeling" will be released on SACD in 2009. The news was confirmed by the band's engineer Nick Davis on its official website forum.-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->-->
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