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mm-news » Music » Two Mike Oldfield albums reissued with 5.1 sound
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Music : Two Mike Oldfield albums reissued with 5.1 sound
Two Mike Oldfield albums reissued with 5.1 soundAfter the success of TUBULAR BELLS and THE MIKE OLDFIELD COLLECTION in 2009, Mercury are delighted to announce that Mike Oldfield's reissue programme continues with two stunning 2010 mixes of two of his best-loved works, HERGEST RIDGE and OMMADAWN to be released on June 7th 2010.

Hergest Ridge and Ommadawn have been mixed, approved and authorised by Mike Oldfield himself. Both albums are released in a Single Disc Edition, A Deluxe Edition (a 2 Disc plus DVD set), in digital form and as A Back to Black vinyl version. Also available, from 14th June, will be a Limited Signed Framed print edition, which is only available through Mike Oldfield's Official Store. is currently in the midst of an overhaul and should be ready very soon, but to pre-order any of these products, please visit the Official Store.


Sharing the format of its two predecessors - Tubular Bells and Hergest Ridge, Oldfield stays loyal to his conceptual roots in Ommadawn, but incorporates musical styles from a far greater range of influences including folk, Celtic, and middle eastern sounds. As a result, Oldfield channels greater scope for musical development, defining Ommadawn as a creative peak in Oldfield's wide-ranging career. With this deluxe edition, Oldfield includes versions of Ommadawn previously lost, carefully selected bonus tracks, and DVD material to accompany specific tracks.

Composing for traditional Celtic instruments such as the uilleann pipes, Oldfield uses Ommadawn as an outlet for spiritual investigation as much as expert musicianship. A master of songcraft, Oldfield layers guitars, pipes, drums and vocals to create a masterpiece pumped full of ethereal mysticism and described by one critic as "the musical equivalent of astral projection". Says Oldfield "I do not feel I am musician. I don't know... I create sounds, that are reflections of my emotions."


Disc 1
01    Ommadawn Part One    2010 Mix Previously Unreleased    19:05
02    Ommadawn Part One / On Horseback    2010 Mix Previously Unreleased    17:20
03    In Dulce Jubilo    Bonus    02:51
04    First Excursion    Bonus    05:56
05    Argiers    Bonus    03:57
06    Portsmouth        02:04

Disc 2
01    Ommadawn Part One    1975 Stereo Mix    19:10
02    Ommadawn Part One / On Horseback    1975 Stereo Mix    17:11
03    Ommadawn Lost Version    1975 Demo Previously Unreleased    17:10

Disc 3
01    Ommadawn Part One    2010 5.1 Surround Mix    19:04
02    Ommadawn Part Two / On Horseback    2010 5.1 Surround Mix    17:22
03    In Dulce Jubilo    Promo    03:04
04    Portsmouth    Promo    02:03

Hergest Ridge

Departing from the choppy mix of prog and folk-based influences explored for the first time on Mike Oldfield's debut Tubular Bells, Oldfield's much anticipated follow up, Hergest Ridge develops for itself a unique charm entirely its own. Softer and calmer, atmospheric and haunting, Hergest Ridge is a lament to the soothing environment Oldfield enveloped himself in directly after his debut's overwhelming success. This 2010 deluxe edition features versions of the original record, remastered for a modern audience, unheard demo versions, plus the mixes found on the vinyl version first released in 1974 - along with DVD footage to accompany both parts of Hergest Ridge.

With sounds evoking imagery of rolling Welsh hills and pure, pastoral scenery - drawing influences from a genuine British nature spot - Hergest Ridge serves as a retreat from Oldfield's inner trauma as much as it does a journey into the wild desolation of nature. Signature guitars, mixed in with delicate woodwind and crashing brass deliver the insights into a mind which has grown harsher and colder in the face of public acrimony.

Comments Oldfield "I know I'm very unstable, and I probably always will be, but the point is that I've accepted that about myself. Hergest Ridge, on the other hand, is smooth, uncluttered. There are no tube trains, very few car doors, lots of open countryside, smooth hills, a general feeling of smoothness and wellbeing and non-hysteria, just a much nicer environment."


Disc 1
01    Hergest Ridge Part One    2010 Mix Previously Unreleased    19:21
02    Hergest Ridge Part Two    2010 Mix Previously Unreleased    18:46
03    In Dulce Jubilo (For Maureen)        02:45
04    Spanish Tune        03:11

Disc 2
01    Hergest Ridge Part One    1974 Stereo Mix    21:32
02    Hergest Ridge Part Two    1974 Stereo Mix    18:40
03    Hergest Ridge Demo Part One    1974 Demo Previously Unreleased    20:21
04    Hergest Ridge Demo Part Two    1974 Demo Previously Unreleased    18:13

Disc 3
01    Hergest Ridge Part One    2010 5.1 Surround Mix    19:20
02    Hergest Ridge Part Two    2010 5.1 Surround Mix    18:45

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